All The Things They Don't Tell You About Port Forwarding.


Frequently across varying game hosting communities I see folks trying to start hosting servers for their friends but typically running into the same sets of roadblocks, blindly following poorly written guides & videos.

Instead of getting grumpy, trying to explain the process for the Nth time, I've decided to (shockingly) write out a guide to hopefully help folks, help themselves.

M.2, NVMe, Optane and You

This is a legacy article from the old version of this site, it is included for posterity.

Some people had noticed that after working on ANSSRPG for over a year and five months (30/04/2014 was the creation date of the repository) that I had finally released it however with one quirk; it was released for 1.8 only and a few people have asked why/for a 1.7.10 version.