A New Venture

For the past few months I have been quietly working towards starting my own game server host/provider I've decided to name PixelPond.io, aiming to provide Wicked Fast Hosting for Australia and New Zealanding. In the coming months I _may_ document my journey building the software as well assembling the physical servers.

I'm just really trying to build some more backlinks to boost my SEO >_>

Hardware is Hard

Hardware is Hard

A guide to understanding and choosing hardware for Minecraft servers

The topic of server hardware appears quite frequently in /r/syscraft. Sadly, this is poorly misunderstood and is at times hard to research. This article serves to help guide you through choosing the hardware for your server be it a dedicated server or a system.

This guide presumes you're proficient with a sensible server OS(Linux) and have an appropriate network connection. It will not discuss anything about running said server, that is a whole topic of its own.

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October 2018 Build Guide

This has been a long time coming, I decided to skip over the Raven Ridge an Pinnacle Ridge releases since we had an accurate idea of what they were going to be. However, Coffee Lake-R and Turing have both entered the fray. It has been an exciting few months to say the least. On the plus side Pascal, Polaris and Vega are at sensible prices again.

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Video Editing on NVMe

Recently (Jun 24, 2018) Linus Sebsation published a video where he shows the viewer a lot about his companies server infrastructure, reasonably late in the video he shows what kind of bandwidth they need for editing 8k video. Odly enough it is about 3Gb/s which is well within SATA 3's practical limit of 4.4Gb/s, its quite safe to put the myth that Video Editing is a workload that benefits from NVMe to rest.

April 2018 Build Guide

We've had a couple of 'exciting' months in terms of releases! Pinnacle Ridge and Raven Ridge have both been released into the wild along with Intel's reactive motherboard's (B360, H310 and H370) and CPUs (i5-8600). All up this has been a somewhat exciting couple of months since the last guide, PR narrows the gap with both clocks and IPC (thanks to AMD's improvements to the cache espically L2) but this ultimately doesn't change my person recommendations of if it's not an 8700k go with Zen.

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