This is a legacy article from the old version of this site, it is included for posterity.

Some people had noticed that after working on ANSSRPG for over a year and five months (30/04/2014 was the creation date of the repository) that I had finally released it however with one quirk; it was released for 1.8 only and a few people have asked why/for a 1.7.10 version.

I want to make it clear that I only wish to maintain and work on one version myself (although I am open to someone else maintaining a 1.7.10 version) this was for a few reasons, the biggest being that I have become a professional software developer and modding is as much of a hobby as something of a passion (still being a full time student doesn't help) so I don't have as much time as before to work on it. There are other reasons, the most prominent being that a few mods that I have had my eye on for compatibility issues like Tinkers Construct have been undergoing major changes to the code base and I do not wish to work against it until it is stable again.

Lastly, the modding community stagnates around Minecraft versions and I loathe that. If I can push it along ever so slightly I am perfectly happy to do so (even at the cost of people's perceptions and enjoyment).

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